A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America A six-week course based on Ronald Takaki’s book

July 6th—August 10th

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    The Hinayana path is more than a personal psychological exploration. In this course, we will explore the development of a racialized societal “ego” in the United States.  Doing so can be the first step in understandIng the suffering this self-image causes to people of color, and the work that needs to be done to refrain from perpetuating this suffering in the future. In a supportive environment under the guidance of Dr. Gale Young, we will explore and study our individual relationships to race in society as well as the causes and conditions contributing to the racialized history we have inherited.

    Dr. Young is Professor Emeritus and lecturer at Cal-State University East Bay. She has been a Shambhala student since 1990, served as Vice-Chair, Nor-Cal Shambhala Regional Board  (2008-2018) and as a member of the Diversity Working Group. She became a white foot solider during 44 years teaching college courses in intercultural communication and conflict,  co-leading projects, co-writing articles/books, while participating in multi-identified coalitions committed to educational organizations becoming less racist, sexist, homophobic, binary, and more multicultural, diverse, equitable, and inclusive Her focus is race and difficult dialogues across differences that divide and matter.

    There is no charge for this class; however, donations to support the center are always welcome.  Donations Link.  

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    The 2008 revised edition of A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America by Ronald Takaki is available from Amazon in paperback or for Kindle.