Ani Pema Chödrön – Greatest Hits (Alphabetical)

See a listing of her greatest hits arranged by popularity.


Video Title Running Time
A Place to Start 1:29
A Reservoir of Trust 8:24
About Aspiration 1:15
All in the Same Boat 8:05
Always Maintain Only a Joyful Mind 2:02
Aspiration for the Stupa 2:31
Awakening Compassion – 17 parts 200+
Basic Goodness Audio 8:21
Becoming Comfortable with Groundlessness 2:33
Being Brave, with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche 6:43
Bill Moyers Interview with Pema 55:01
Bodhicitta Aspiration 4:11
Change Means We’re Alive 3:34
Common Tactics of Aggression 1:12
Dharma Pt 7 Fear 10:09
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche – Celebrating the Return ! 4:22
Don’t Be Jealous 3:53
Dunzee 2:02
Explaining Maitri 5:23
Fear and Fearlessness 11:17
Fearless Nontheism 10:32
Five Slogans of Machig Labdron 6:37
Fully Alive 3:39
Getting Unstuck 2:57
Getting Unstuck Breaking Your Habitual Patterns 10:03
Giving our Best: Practicing the Way of the Bodhisatva 5:19
Good Medicine: Volume 1 5:11
Good Medicine: Volume 2 5:08
Happiness Means Getting to Know Disappointment 3:27
Heart Practice 9:39
Increasing Our Longing to Help Others 3:57
Life at the Abbey with Pema Chodron 9:51
Living Beautifuly Wth Uncertainty and Change 4:31
Loving Oneself and Others, a Tonglen Weekend 7:51
Meditate for the Benefit of Others 2:17
Non-Meditation and Natural Wakefulness 9:33
Reveal Your Hidden Faults 1:21
Ripe Times 3:36
Shamatha Meditation Instruction 10:02
Shenpa 1:11
Smile at Fear – Living from the Heart 6:24
Smile at Fear – Lungta 4:43
Super Soul Sunday Interview with Oprah Winfrey 41:38
Take Responsibility – Part 1 8:45
Take Responsibility – Part 2 14:57
Teaching for Birthday Retreat 35:41
The Doorway to Freedom 5:27
The Facts of Life — Impermanance  7:51
The Freedom to Love 3:37
The Propensity to Be Bothered 7:22
The Six Paramitas 7:02
This Lousy World 2:37
Tonglen Meditation Instruction 4:47
Troublemakers 3:42
Unconditional Confidence 4:24
Walk the Walk 5:21
What are We Afraid Of 4:16
What is Bodhicitta 9:55
Who was Shantideva 8:04
Why I Became a Buddhist 6:01
Working with Shenpa (Getting Hooked) in Meditation 9:36

Periodically we would like to invite you to join Davis Shambhala Center for a video and book class focusing on the teachings of Ani Pema Chodron.  We call the class “Ani Pema Chodron Greatest Hits: Comfortable with Uncertainty.”  We call it a “greatest hits” class since hit counts available on YouTube (as of March 2014) enable us to identify Ani Pema’s videos most often viewed from that website.  We call it a “book class” because we will also draw upon readings from her 2008 book entitled Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings on Cultivating Fearlessness and Compassion.  Keep an eye on the Center’s calendar for future class scheduling.

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