Local Leadership

The following contact information is designed to facilitate more meaningful and direct communication within our organization and the broader community. If you have questions or concerns please make them heard by contacting the appropriate person or department.

Council Members

Center Co-Directors: Elvia Garcia and Mark Robinson
Rusung: Amanda Hodson
Head of Practice and Study:  Lyle Larson
Head of Culture and Decorum: Pat Medeiros
Head of Outreach and Communication:  Amanda Hodson
Director of Societal Health and Wellbeing:  currently vacant
Head of Finance: Shelley Walker-Davey
Administrative Assistant to Council:  currently vacant

Other volunteer positions
Desung: currently vacant
Khenchung: currently vacant
Environment and Facilities: currently vacant
Membership Contact: Fernando Fierro
Nalanda Arts Coordinators: Gene and Helen Tashima
Assistant Comptroller:  Elaine Reid
Comptroller: currently vacant
Poet Laureate and Bursar: Bill Fell
Housing Coordinator: currently vacant
Listserv and Shambhala Database Managers:  Jon Draffan
Webmaster and Media Archives:  currently vacant
Newsletter Editor: currently vacant

General Inquiries: [email protected]
Phone: (530) 758-1440