Kindness of Body, Speech and Mind

with Jan Beange, Elvia Garcia, Lyle Larson

March 14th—March 28th

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There are many places to go to get advice on WHAT to do about what is troubling us: Who to blame, what actions to take, which initiatives will address what is wrong in the world. There are not so many places to go to get help with HOW to determine what will actually be helpful and be of benefit in the world. It is not an easy task to accomplish without getting overwhelmed or even possibly harmed in the process. The teachings and practices of Shambhala are different and are based on discovering, cultivating and strengthening our inherent human potential to know true wisdom and use it to discover what will be truly helpful to ourselves. It starts with self care and expands to care for others and society at large.

We will explore the disciplines of yoga, meditation and communication based on ancient traditions as well as some of the current neuroscience that confirms and elucidates what has been discovered experientially through these profound practices.