Beginning at the Beginning: The Path of Individual Liberation

with Rebekka Martorano & Richard Darsie

January 5th—February 23rd

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The Buddhist path begins with the hinayana, which literally means "lesser or smaller vehicle."  According to Trungpa Rinpoche, "the hinayana is called the smaller vehicle, not because it is simpleminded or lacking in vision, but because it is a pragmatic, deep-rooted approach."  The hinayana introduces core Buddhist teachings on the nature of mind, the practice of meditation, the reality of suffering, and the possibility of liberation. It examines the nature of suffering, impermanence, and egolessness.
The name of the class notwithstanding, this course is not just for beginners. The material covered here is worth refreshing at every stage of the path. According to Trungpa Rinpoche, "the study and practice of the dharma should be like combing one's hair: one returns to the roots and begins again and again."
In this class, we will discuss readings from Volume One of The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma: The Path of Individual Liberation, based on seminary talks given by Trungpa Rinpoche over thirteen years.  We will explore how these teachings inform our path and relate to our experience, appreciating their connection to the path of the Shambhala warrior.
Copies of the book have been ordered and will be available for sale at the center by the end of November.  Several copies will also be available to check out in our library.
Jan 5: Beginning at the Beginning (Chapters 1-3)
Jan 12: Working with Mind (Chapters 24-28, 36-38)
Jan 19: Four Noble Truths (Chapters 50-60)
Jan 26: Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Chapters 39-42)
Feb 2: Vipashyana (Chapters 43-49)
Feb 9: Making a Commitment (Chapter 69)
Feb 16: The Journey (Chapters 61-66)
Feb 23: Prajna (Chapters 67-68)