The Six Paramitas Weekend Retreat: A Video Class with Ani Pema Chodron and Tim Olmstead

July 19th—July 21st

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The Six Paramitas represent the basic study and practice of the aspiring bodhisattva-warrior.  In Sanskrit, param refers "to the other shore" and ita translates to "arrived."   The path of the warrior is to reach the other shore, or as Ani Pema has joked: to learn to tread water with some equanimity as you notice your raft is taking on water.  The paramitas or transcendent actions or perfections include:  generosity, discipline-skillful action, patience, joyful effort, meditation, and prajna or supreme knowledge-wisdom.  Ani Pema will provide her insights into this life-long practice, and Tim Olmstead will provide guidance in the practice of meditation.