Being with Aging: An Exploration

with Elvia Garcia & Patti Larson

March 11th—April 29th

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    In this series of conversations, we will explore the challenges and opportunities of aging in a society of imbalances:  between safety and freedom, between long life and quality of life; and between giving and receiving care. Through videos, readings and conversations, we will examine the experiences of aging in our community.  Too often old age is seen as a diagnosis rather than as an opportunity for human dignity and possibilities.

    The series will cover topics and use resources included in the Shambhala Aging in Enlightened Society Salon Series and participants will decide the topics that are most interesting and relevant for them.  Our intent is to come together for support and sharing of experiences and to build a caring culture of kindness.  

    You are welcome to jump in whenever you can, this is an on-going conversation.  Please join us.

    Suggested donation $5.00 - $10.00