The Lost Art of Good Conversation

April 19th—May 10th (2018)

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Our communities have been forever changed by the effects of social media, computer technology and globalization in a way that has reduced the amount of time we have to spend with family and friends and changed the way we communicate with them. We are often communicating in sound bites and photo captions that do not create a sense of real connection with the people we care about. In fact, some feel we have lost the art of communication.

Sakyong Mipham shows us a way to do better. In his recent book, “The Lost Art of Good Conversation”, he guides us in many aspects of how to use conversation specifically and communication in general to help make our world kinder and more engaged. In the introduction to this book, the Sakyong writes: “In the art of conversation we cultivate some sense of goodness, not only in ourselves, but in other as well. When we are gentle with ourselves, we can open our hearts to others. In this book there are guidelines on how to connect with people genuinely, and how not to be swayed by negative emotions.”